Maofeng Anhui Green Tea

Maofeng Anhui Tea

Maofeng Green Tea has a lovely fresh nutty taste which is much like a dragon well tea, however many times more affordable. I find this to be a very good reason to choose Maofeng. The other reason is that the growers of Maofeng, picked and processed in very close quarters to Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province, indulge less in the same pesticide habits as some other tea growing regions.

All tea is believed to have once sprouted from the southern reaches of Yunnan, now known as Xishuangbana. However the local Anhuinese believe in their own told story;  A young man and a beautiful young “liangmei” pretty local girl from a tea town were in love, but the local owner of the largest estate in the area seized her as his concubine. She managed to run away, only to learn that the nasty man had killed her lover. Damn! Finding his body deep in the mountains, by a rockledge, she wept and wept until she became a waterfall and eventually became the rain, while her lover’s body turned into a plentiful tea tree. Which is why the area where Mao Feng tea grows is forever cloudy and humid the whole year round.

Recommeneded:  Waiting 30mins after eating before drinking. Helps digest carbohydrate rich diet, not good when paired with fruit.