The Global Kitchen: Japanese Home Cooking

There’s more than just sushi, sake and Hello Kitty over in Japan!  Japanese cuisine is known for its fresh, seasonal ingredients, delicate flavors, and stunning presentation.  Learn how to make classic homemade dishes and discover the joy of authentic Japanese comfort food.  Go beyond sushi and learn the real deal, the stuff your okaasan and obaasan would make (if you had a Japanese mama or grandma, that is).

Japanese is part of The Hutong’s Global Kitchen series, which is designed to teach you the basics and beyond. Each workshop will bring you new flavors, new recipes, new stories, new friends. Take a gastronomic tour of the world in our Global Kitchen, one cuisine at a time. And learn more than another dish. Learn about another culture.
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Cost: 249 RMB, 199 for members + 1 RMB lolly bill (click here to find out more).

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