Create Your Best Life, Now

Evening Series: Create Your Best Working Life, Now – with Kathryn Brewer

Happiness and success mean different things to different people and a satisfying career is often a major component. Yet many of us do not feel in control of our working lives and wish we felt happier and more committed to our workplace.

In this series of workshops, educator, writer and coach, Kathryn Brewer outlines techniques to take control of your working life, improve your productivity and make your work a reflection of what matters to you.

Sessions are fun and interactive and participants will be encouraged to think creatively about their work issues and try out new strategies to deal with them.

  • Tuesday, April 2: Personal and organisational values. Aligning values with goals for maximum success; playing against yourself by setting your own learning and competence goals and measurements.
  • Tuesday, April 9: Social and relationship factors in the workplace. How to use social and emotional information, read other people, challenge appropriately and choose your behaviour wisely in every situation.
  • Tuesday, April 16: Workers, managers and leaders- moving from one level to another. Where are you now and where do you want to be? Strategising new ways forward.

Workshops will run from 7:30 – 9:00 pm. Coffee and tea will be provided throughout and there will be a ten minute break mid-way.
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Cost: 780RMB (700RMB for members), paid upfront for a maximum of 12 people. No refund is offered for missed sessions however classes can be made up at a future course, if available.

Kathryn Brewer is an educator, writer and coach who specialises in creativity and positive change for expats and international students in Australia and China.  Read more about her work here.