BCIS Inner Mongolia Desertification Tour

The Hutong recently took a group of 52 BCIS students on a tour to Inner Mongolia. The year 8 students traveled through the Gobi Desert’s incomparable landscape, experiencing sand mountains to grass steppes, Mongolian tea ceremonies to horse riding adventures. This outdoor educational program provided the perfect balance between education and fun.

The focus of the tour was on China’s desertification dilemma. The students were exposed to a culture and way of life that is fast vanishing. We worked with the teachers to help design a tailor made program that helped guide the students learning and provided experiences that stimulated their inquiry into concepts such as responsible tourism and sustainable development.  Our program encouraged students to  think about environmental challenges confronting China, the world, and their generation and develop ideas and the vision to design and create ways in which they can make a difference.

Thank you to the staff and students at BCIS for providing these photos and for making this trip a wonderful experience for all. It was our pleasure to travel with such a caring, responsible, positive thinking group.