We are from all over the globe, but we have one thing in common: we are captivated by Chinese culture and are passionate about sharing it with our guests! Click here if you think you would make the perfect addition to our team and would like to apply.






Currently on a mission to take The Hutong to new places, and find our reach in Australia, Mark does have a loud voice and too often speaks over the top of any unsuspecting passers-by. So naturally we sent him off to one the world’s farthest flung corners to spread the message of Hutong love.

· Struggles with his short attention span.

· Dreams big, sometimes too big.

· Treats all Hutong colleagues like they were born to love Chinese tea as much as he does.





Stacey is one of the co-founders of The Hutong and cannot believe how fortunate she is to have embarked on such an incredible journey with such a talented team. Stacey could never have guessed that an 18-month stint as a tour leader in China, could evolve into a business as exciting and rewarding as The Hutong.

· Now known as “Ranger Stacey” and taking some time out to work with the penguins in Australia.

· Can only sing Chinese, not speak it. Can only recognize characters when singing karaoke.

· Is learning to surf, with very little success, but loving the challenge of attempting something new.





Managing Partner

Morgan focuses on growing the business as well as promoting a high standard of professionalism and a great company culture. He loves The Hutong’s egalitarian and creative environment and looks forward to continue to learn and grow with his amazing teammates.

· Knows perfection is unattainable; trying our best is not.

· Is a wanderer at heart and in life.

· Is from New York City – enough said!







Director of Educational Programs

Josh is responsible for The Hutong’s burgeoning Education Department. He firmly believes that the key to inspiring growing minds is to make tangible, hands-on experiences accessible and fun, while offering students a window of reality into this mind-boggling country.

· Loves all sport, especially rugby, currently representing Beijing Devils RFC.

· Has worked at Beijing, London and Sochi Olympic Games.

· UK born and raised, but constantly mistaken for Australian.






Director of Courtyard and Culinary Programs

Michelle is responsible for the venue events and culinary programs at The Hutong Kitchen. A long time resident in Beijing, with an extensive business background has found her way into combining business and pleasure at The Hutong Kitchen! She has experienced quite a few good meals in Beijing and mastered her away around a Chinese kitchen.

· Originally from New Zealand, 4th generation NZ Chinese with ancestry from Guangzhou.

· She has been known to travel the globe and around the alleys of Beijing for a great meal.

· Loves food porn!







Director of Finance

Daisy takes care of the Hutong’s finances. She focuses on improving the existing finance system and reporting to the board of the company.

· Cannot live without coffee.

· A good cook who rarely cooks.

· Loves outdoor sports.







Educational Programs Manager

Nitai is responsible for managing the overall operations as well as spearheading the marketing projects of the Education Department as it continues to grow. He is a passionate believer in the effectiveness of “mobile classroom” environments to impart lasting impressions on students as they learn more about themselves and the world around them.

· Never goes anywhere without a frisbee in his backpack, ready to toss at a moment’s notice.

· Loves keeping his mandarin sharp bantering with Beijing’s colorful taxi drivers.

· An avid reader and politics nerd, hasn’t missed an edition of The Economist Magazine in years.




Senior Programs Manager

Jeffrey is responsible for the development of The Hutong’s education programs. While refining and innovating our existing experiences he also leads our China-wide programs and Beijing Hutong tours.

· Believes that life is better when improvised.

· Loves spending time in Beijing’s parks playing diabolo and shooting the breeze with Beijing’s local retired community.

· Walks through life with the twang of a banjo in his heart.






Business Development & Sales Manager

While beginning his Hutong tenure in the education department, Ben now devotes most of his waking hours to creating and developing high-quality, professional corporate programming catered to clients from all walks of life. A student of Chinese history, language, and culture, Ben appreciates the way The Hutong strives to promote cross-cultural learning and understanding.

· Is a nice Jewish boy from New York.

· Can be seen on stage from time to time playing guitar with different bands around Beijing.

· Was unofficially knighted on his first trip to England as an 8-year old.




Communications Manager

Danielle manages communications for both The Hutong’s onsite and offsite departments. Whether it’s through social media, design, sales, or event planning, she loves engaging clients and leaving a positive impact.

· Passionate about cooking (and eating!).

· Has travelled to 29 countries but her favorite place on the planet is still her hometown: Toronto, Canada.

· Loves – but is mildly terrified by – scuba diving.





Venue Manager

Wang Bingbing works on culinary coordination with sour chefs, ayis and clients for all of our onsite culinary events. She’s also developing our Corporate Hook n Cook experience and curates our recipe collections, making sure only the tastiest dishes are prepared in our kitchen.

· Has the most beautiful smile in the world.

· Loves to share Chinese culture and learn more about Western culture.

· Is from Henan province.






Culinary Coordinator

As a Sichuan native, Jane loves spicy food and sees her self as a spicy kind of girl too! She’s passionate about learning and growing with The Hutong team at our cosy courtyard venue. When she’s not seeking challenge in the Hutong Kitchen, she’s swimming, exploring China and planning her dream trip around the world.

· Believes being healthy is life’s biggest fortune.

· Likes doing more and talking less.

· Loves the people around her, and believes they are all lovely like angels.





Venue Coordinator

Phoebe is responsible for keeping our Hutong venue cosy and comfortable. Phoebe also organizes all HR scheduling for our Corporate and Culinary Departments.

· Loves cracking out songs but is occasionally out of tune.

· Loves working at The Hutong because of the amazing food.

· Can be old and wise but is young at heart.







Nutritionist & Chef

Loves to share her extensive knowledge of food and culinary culture with the Hutong’s lovely guests. Focuses on teaching cooking classes and leading culinary tours. She is in charge of event scheduling as well as The Hutong’s chefs training program.

· From Inner Mongolia, but has never ridden a horse.

· Loves swing dancing with her lovely friends.

· Lives to jump on her bike and cycle in the Jing.








Chef and Teaching Instructor

Yao loves to share her extensive knowledge of food and culinary culture with the Hutong’s lovely guests. Yao focuses on teaching a variety of Chinese cooking classes.

· Her family hails from Beijing, China and lives in one of the neighbouring hutongs.

· Is obsessed with any type of cooking and baking.

· Loves all dogs.







Educational Programs Coordinator

Ian is responsible for designing and executing our Education Programs across Greater China. A passionate educator who previously taught secondary humanities and CAS at one of Beijing’s international schools for 5 years, Ian works to ensure our programs meet international curriculum standards.

· Hails from Darwin Minnesota, a land of cows, corn, and soybeans as well as home of the “The World’s Largest Ball of Twine made by one man.”

· Is a bit of a gear head who likes driving anything with a motor.

· Loves any activity that allows him to be outside.




Educational Programs Coordinator

Kyla is responsible for the development and execution of Education Programs at The Hutong. She spent 3 years teaching primary education at an international school in Beijing, and 3 on a freelancing adventure, which has led her to her current role at The Hutong! She loves playing a part in the growth that takes place when students experience new things.

· The name of her Canadian hometown and province are local native words for a ‘berry that turns your mouth purple near the fast flowing river’; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

· Her Grandma is a clown and ventriloquist. True story.

· She loves exploring the world by scooter, being outside, being in water, and being with awesome people!



Education & Corporate Cheerleader

Endlessly enthusiastic and positive, Kristen is also a perfectionist at heart and the energizer bunny for The Hutong’s creative education programs, travel bike adventures and getaway corporate packages.

· From Sunny California and yes! She was a cheerleader in high school.

· Founder of Beijing’s lifestyle blog:

· Is a biking maniac. Through rain, wind and snow, she’s biking all over the city on any given day.





Programs Manager

Matt has been on an educational adventure across Greater China for nine years now. He loves discovering hard-to-access parts of China and making these experiences available to others. With an MA in China Studies and Economics, Matt is passionate about the integration of theory and personal experience and loves to see students light up when these two come together. He is an avid pianist/accordionist/ukuleleist and can throw a mean frisbee.


  • Grew up with a pet pig named Pete
  • Once shared the Bird’s Nest stage with rock legends Mayday 五月天 for 80,000 fans (theirs, not mine)
  • Favourite comfort food: 地三鲜





Historian in Residence

Jeremiah is a long-time resident of Beijing, he loves working with a bunch of good eggs, exploring the back alleys of Beijing, and teaching more about this fascinating city. Jeremiah is also our Beijing tour expert, he hosts tours to various iconic Beijing sites every week.

· Taught Chinese history to American college students for ten years.

· Has a favorite Qing Dynasty official. Also a second. And a third.

· Is an avid Boston Red Sox fan.





Tea Journeys Account Manager

Sherry is responsible for Tea Journeys, and liaising with clients in Beijing’s premium food service sector. She focuses on sourcing the finest teas and teaware and developing them into products worthy of world-class cafes, restaurants, and bars.

· Loves tea and tea culture, always on the look out for new and innovative interpretations.

· Is addicted to local snacks.

· Loves her daughter, and spending time with her family.




Kitchen Supervisor

Helps her colleagues coordinate preparation for classes and events. Came to Beijing in 2012 from Guangyuan in Sichuan Province.

· Loves new challenges.

· Has an amazing memory.

· As a result is always reminding people when they forget things.






 Kitchen Supervisor

Helps her colleagues coordinate preparation for classes and events. Wei Ayi came to Beijing 4 years ago from Guangyuan, Sichuan Province.

· Is a great cook. 

· Living in Beijing with her whole family.

· Is proud of her son who is graduating from a professional cooking school.




Tang ayi

 Kitchen Supervisor

Tang Ayi came to Beijing 6 years ago from Sichuan Province, Mianyang city. Tang Ayi is very energetic, always smiling and willing to give anyone a helping hand if one is in need. 

· Loves cooking.

· Has two daughters back in her hometown.

· Always joking with her colleagues.




Hailing from a family of restaurateurs, Reshma grew up spending many a summer holiday watching chefs cook and honing her talent under trained eyes. Her own family hails from Kerala, Hyderabad, Maharashtra and Gujarat and over the years, Reshma has collected recipes from relatives and friends. She believes that gastronomy can be made simple, and can cater to the requirements of modern life without losing authentic flavors.