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Cultural Bite

Like most innovative dishes, rustic Shanxi noodles originated with peasants in the countryside. Now these noodles are deemed to be one of the ten wonders of Shanxi.

What You’ll Learn

Unlike other Chinese noodles, Shanxi noodles are rolled and cut, giving them a broad shape that picks up flavor. Learn how to roll the perfect chewy strands of noodles and make the accompanying fragrant sauces to go with them.




– cat’s ears

– hand rolled and knife cut


– Tomato and Egg

– Caramalised Pork and Eggplant

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Where's Shanxi in China




”The personalized attention we received was the best. The class ended up being the two of us, so our personalities got to let loose a little bit more and the instructor was great – she rolled back some of her teaching once she figured out we knew very little, she was able to keep up with our fun filled teasing of each other. We had a GREAT time! Actually, such a great time, that when we came back home to the States, we both have since cooked with our woks and I’ve signed up for additional cooking classes. This little class changed our outlook on cooking. THANK YOU!’

-the Savages