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“Hutong membership is a ticket to authentically experience Chinese culture and a means to meeting life-long friends.”

– Lili Davis-Burchat, Canada


“We love The Hutong’s cooking classes. Great service, great tips, great flavors. The best part is cooking authentic Chinese for guests when they visit us – they are always blown away!

– David & Bridget, California


The Hutong is our second home! It’s the first place we tell our friends to visit, when they come to Beijing. We can’t recommend them more highly!”

– The Clinefelters, Scotland


“Today’s class was brilliant. Jing Jang Rou Si is my favorite dish, and it’s a lifesaver to know how to make it since the town I live in the US doesn’t have a good Chinese restaurant!

– The Bormanns, USA


“My experience at The Hutong was exceptional! I spent an entire day there, making dumplings in the morning and Sichuan cooking in the evening. The classes were intimate, and each participant received loads of individual attention. I enjoyed meeting fellow participants from all over the world and several local Hutong members. The facilities were gorgeous, clean and well organized. The staff was warm and friendly and extremely knowledgeable about their craft. I thoroughly appreciated Sohpia’s energy around the local cuisine, demonstration and her cooking instruction. I highly recommend The Hutong to anyone traveling or living in Bejing!

– Morgan Tobor, USA


“The personalized attention we received was the best. The class ended up being the two of us, so our personalities got to let loose a little bit more and the instructor was great – she rolled back some of her teaching once she figured out we knew very little, she was able to keep up with our fun filled teasing of each other. We had a GREAT time! Actually, such a great time, that when we came back home to the States, we both have since cooked with our woks and I’ve signed up for additional cooking classes. This little class changed our outlook on cooking. THANK YOU!

– The Savages, Australia


Aside from hiking The Great Wall, visiting the Hutong and participating in the dumpling cooking class was the highlight of my trip to Beijing. Sophia, the instructor, was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I loved that she shared the history behind the dumpling making as we cooked. I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a great time, a taste of Chinese culture and a delicious lunch!”

– Erin Condon, USA


Absolutely a must! This is my 5th trip to Beijing and the most memorable. Yes, climbing the Great Wall was truly awe inspiring, but coming to The Hutong makes China come alive. The hosts and staff are gracious and fun. As an academic I know what makes a good class and teacher. Chefs Sophia and Sue rank up there with the greats. I just wish I could have taken even more classes in Chinese Culture.”

– Dr. Marla Sturm, USA


I have to thank you for the great time at the Hutong!
We all had so much fun and Sophia was a great teacher!
I loved the atmosphere and the location! It’s so perfect to learn how to cook such delicious Chinese food in a place like the Hutong! I will visit more classes for sure!”

– Zainab, Turkey


“I took four cooking classes at The Hutong and I learned a lot about cooking techniques and how to use different ingredients – lotus root, lily bud, chives – that I don’t use at home. There is a lovely atmosphere, and the staff are very enthusiastic.”

– Nel Veltmon, Amsterdam


Coming to The Hutong for a cookery class was amazing! Our chef, Reshma, gave the perfect mix of culture and how to cook authentic Indian! I recommend that everyone come here!”

– Scarlet Salmons, USA


‘From the very first lesson, I was hooked. And it’s not because I can’t cook that I have to keep coming back! On the contrary, it is because I am a ‘foodie’ who enjoys delicious, home-made food; because I always learn a new trick and because I always have great fun!’

-Chelin Miller, Argentina


“The Hutong is very beautiful! We really liked the terrace and kitchen, and the Hutong’s atmosphere and style! Our chef engaged us in the class and taught us about Chinese cooking techniques and Chinese culture! It was a very good experience.

– Lena & Lukas, Germany


“The Hutong has such an amazing range of activities – there is always something on offer. A highlight for myself are the cooking classes. I have learnt lots of new tricks in the kitchen, and met new friends. I wholeheartedly recommend The Hutong to Beijing residents or travelers passing through.”

-Lottie Dowling, New Zealand


“The location and the kitchen is just beautiful, and our Chef Sue was very friendly, patient, and informative. We had enough time to cook at our own pace, learn, ask questions and enjoy our delicious homemade meal. It was an extremely pleasant experience and when I have the opportunity I will definitely come back!

– Fujan, Norway


“What a lovely date experience for us. All The Hutong staff did a great job, they made us feel at home and facilitated a perfect hands-on cooking experience! We ate well and learned a number of new tricks in the kitchen!

– Andrew & Juanjuan

Andrew Hehbauer1

“The courtyard is a wonderful place and the cooking class – Hand Pulled Noodles – was a wonderful experience. Everything was perfectly organized and prefectly pleasant. Next time I will join the local food market tour!

– Andrew, Germany

Ragnhild Sofie Fehr1

“The location was wonderful and calming. The teacher was very kind and patient. The food was great and I feel I can make it at hom. I am so happy I came and will come again soon!

– Ragnhild Sofie Fehr, Norway


“I honestly enjoyed the whole experience immensely. The atmosphere, the people and the cooking itself were all very enjoyable. I also liked the fact that you had local craft beer available! Thank you all! I am looking forward to my next visit.

– Petter, Norway

Chris Auyeung1

“Our chef was very knowledgeable and taught the culinary concepts very well. The green beans were perfect and I finally realized the trick in getting the skin crispy. Great class and one of the highlights of my visit to Beijing!

– Chris, New  York


“I loved the fact that, even though I am a beginner to Chinese cuisine, I did not get lost, nor did I feel any pressure. The Hutong staff were all very kind and competent. It was a wonderful experience.

– Gabriel, France

“Today was extremely well-organized. We each had a place to work and all the utensils. It started on time, ended on time. Miya was very helpful! A great class in a great location and I go away from here with new knowledge and happy memories. Thanks!

– Virginia Morgan, Vermont

“The courtyard and all staff were extremely welcoming and pleasant. Everyone spoke great English. The lesson was extremely well-organized. We are 100 % pleased!”

– Marie & Julie, France