The Hutong is proud to offer Beijing’s most comprehensive and interactive overview of Chinese tea! Join a group of fellow tea connoisseurs, amateurs, and thirsty friends on a journey to the Maliandao Tea city, where The Hutong’s tea expert will guide you through all the teas in China. With the help of native shopkeepers, The Hutong’s Tea Expert will introduce the group to China’s most famous teas and tea regions.



Below is a sample itinerary of what a Maliandao Tea Tour might look like, depending on the day, the time, the guide and the preference of our guests:


Stop #1: Green Teas 
While tasting China’s finest green teas, The Hutong’s Tea Expert and the shop keeper address questions like:
– What Is “Tea?”
– Tea Processing: Firing Green Tea
– Adding Flavor: Jasmine and More
Stop #2: Pu’er and Post-Fermented Teas 
To aid digestion, lunch is followed by an overview of one of China’s oldest teas. The Hutong’s Tea Expert and the shopkeeper discuss:
– Tea Shapes
– Ancient Tea Trees
– Fermentation and Aging
– Health Benefitst
Stop #3: Oolong and Black Teas 
These more robust teas provide a background to discuss topics like: 
– Tea Processing: Rolling and Cutting
– The British and Tea
– Adding Flavor: Early Grey and More
Stop #4: Ceramics and Herbal Teas 
This stop on the tour will give guests an introduction to the periphery and paraphernalia of Chinese tea, introducing concepts like: 
– Tea’s Herbal Origins
– Teapot Design
– Matching Teas and Teapots (and Tea Pets!)

Maliandao Tea Tour

Dates: Every Other Tuesday and  Sunday
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm meeting at Maliandao
Cost: 350 RMB, 300 RMB for members