What Is The Hook ‘n’ Cook?

The Hook ’n’ Cook is our trademark “iron chef” style culinary challenge. You’ll unwind, roll up your sleeves, and come together while creating something personal and delicious. It’s a culinary team building experience that can be done on its own or easily combined with a venue rental or other programs with The Hutong!

How Does The Hook ‘n’ Cook Work?

Our Hutong Host will welcome you and your colleagues into our courtyard with drinks and a brief introduction. After team members are broken into small teams, each is tasked with completing one dish with their partners within a set amount of time. When the gong chimes, group members will reassemble, introduce their dishes, and enjoy the scrumptious fare they worked so hard to cook!

We also offer a diverse range of other fully immersive team building experiences.

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      Duration: 3 Hours

      Physical Intensity: 2/5

      Location: Indoors

      Group Size: 10-50


  • Improve communication between team members
  • Celebrate accomplishing an unlikely challenge
  • Come together over a large dinner with the whole group


Every event we’ve had at The Hutong has been much more than just a fun team outing. Through we always have a great time, it’s much more than that. The benefits to our team dynamics are real.

Kasper Leschly
Co-Founder & Managing Director, D:FUSE

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