Farm to Neighbors & The Hutong Food Revolution Day

Date: Saturday, May 20th
Time: 11:00am – 5:00pm
Cost: Free

Access to good, fresh, nutritious food is every child’s human right. It’s easy to agree with this, but the reality is an astounding 41 million children under the age of five are overweight or obese, while another 159 million kids are too short for their age. None of these children are growing healthily. Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver is calling on us all to join a global Food Revolution in order to provoke debate and inspire real, meaningful, positive change in the way we – and future generations – access, consume and understand food.

Join us on Saturday, May 20th at The Hutong as together with our friends at Farm to Neighbors, we stand up for real food in China:

  • Farm to Neighbors farmer’s market with over 15 vendors, including Yuangu Farm, Ginko Farm, Chunnixiang Farm, Liu Yang Cheese, Tangshe Traditional Rice Wine, Miss Muesli, Yeyo, Dou+, Bonne Nani, Mantra Bar, Cocodeer, Yao’s Handmade Tofu, and more
  • Learn how to make your own version of Jamie’s fresh and healthy Vietnamese spring rolls
  • DIY tea workshop – learn to create your own unique blend
  • Kid-friendly home gardening workshop provided by Nurseries for Nurseries, including DIY home gardening kits for sale
  • Food and drink vendors on our courtyard rooftop, including GLO Kitchen + Fitness, Parwaaz Spice Route Concepts, The Hutong Kitchen, and more!




Celebrating a Decade of Exceptional Cultural Experiences

We opened our Hutong courtyard doors ten years back with a simple wish: to create a special placewhere people could come together, learn from one another, and have a great time. We never imagined we would be where we are today: running programs across China, with an incredible team from across the globe.

十年前我打开了在北新九道湾1号的四合院大,只了一个愿望:大家提供一个可以相聚,学与共享美好光的平台。就这样,胡同可以从那个时候一直走到了今天。现在,我们拥有这来自世界各地的团队,并在全中国各个地方都有不同的活动, For our ten-year anniversary, we’ll be celebrating each month of 2017.  一眨眼,十年去了,在迎接2017年的到来的同,我想要和大家一起个难得的庆典

The Hutong’s Tenniversary: