Yunnan Red Tea 滇红 (Dian Hong)

Dian Hong translates literally as ‘Yunnan Red.’ What we often refer to as ‘black’ tea in the West is called ‘red’ tea in China because the infused liquor is a reddish brown color. Red tea’s popularity surpasses all other teas in the Western world today. The leaves for black tea are fully fermented (oxidised) while those for green teas are lightly dried (lightly oxidised).
Originally scientists believed that the process of fermentation  might reduce its beneficial aspects but latest research suggests that it really didn’t change that aspect of it at all. The benefits of black tea is the result of flavonoids and these increase the bodies ability to fight disease such as cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants seek out destructive substances in our blood and destroy them. While doing this they help protect our body from aging and the effects of pollution.

While black tea may not contain as much caffeine as your morning cup of coffee it still does contain enough to give you that little boost of energy with out the same side effects in the form of the heart palpitations that you could have with the cup of coffee.
The Hutong will be serving black tea for the month of January.