Wild Rice Stem (茭白) Jiāo Bái

Wild rice stem (JiaoBai)  is grown in the water in southern China or Vietnam. Although rice is sometimes called bamboo shoots, it actually has a much softer texture than regular bamboo.
This sweet tasting yin food helps to nourish the liver, spleen and lungs. It is a popular remedy to clear away heat, relieve thirst produce body fluids, promote urination, reduce dampness and induce bowel movements.
The swollen stem can be sliced and eaten raw or makes a tasty addition to your favourite stir fry as the tissues remain crisp when fried.
If you have had a big night and downed a few ales, it has been suggested that wild rice stem can help detoxify the body from effects of alcohol and is said to clear red eyes, so why not give your body a treat and try out these recipes.

Asparagus & Wild Rice Stem Stir Fry

Stir-fried Shrimp Roe with Wild Rice Stem

This time of year, expect to  pay about 3 yuan for 1 jin (500g)