The Pu’er Bicycle Challenge, Oct 1 – 9

Pu'er Bicycle Challenge

Xishuangbanna, home of the Dai people, is the southernmost prefecture of Yunnan Province. Renowned for tropical climate and luscious woodland and rain forest, the region is teeming with wildlife, rare plants, and historical and cultural significance. Xishuangbanna harbors much of the biodiversity of China and is well known as the six famous tea mountains region (六大茶山; pinyin: Liù Dà Chá Shān; literally, “Six major tea mountain”), which historically has produced some of the most highly regarded Pu-er tea in the 20th century.

The China Charity Challenge still has spots left for a few lucky riders on its Oct 1 – 9 trip. For more trip information, itinerary and pricing please visit our sign up page or email  And do act fast: the registration deadline is September 1st.  .

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