The Autumn Fayre this Sunday: Free Tea Ceremony, Wholesome Treats and more …

Come join us for our Autumn Fayre this Sunday, September 19th. To celebrate the harvest season we’ll have a seasonal brunch theme, and from 11:00 to 3:00 we’ll roll out an assortment of wholesome treats for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Enjoy some Bossa Nova tunes and hang out on the rooftop for a cool beer or glass of wine and a sampling of fresh foods.

This Autumn Fayre we will also be holding a special tea ceremony, run in partnership with The Global Times. In our tea training course, guests will be introduced to six teas cultivated and prepared in different styles from various Chinese regions. Participants will learn to select, brew and taste various teas while being introduced to the history and mythology infused in each cup. Participants will also learn about how tea is entwined with the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and what teas are best suited for each season. All this will take place in the confines of our traditional and cozy Hutong tea room.
Fayre is an old English word describing a fun gathering featuring a range of locally produced goods made and sourced from, and connected to the local community. The products on offer range from wines and cheese to handmade handicrafts, photography to jewelry, baked goods to kids face paints. Our Fayre is a place to catch up with friends in a fun social setting, and is a guaranteed fun day out for the whole family.

Vendors include: Blue Air, Boulangerie Nanda, Brandnu, Lollipop Bakery, Mughal’s Restaurant, Sassy Scrubs, Shangrila Farms, Tea Journeys, Yellow Valley Cheese and The World Health Store.

Directions to The Hutong here.