Slow Food Beijing Summer Film Event

Date: Sunday, August 5th

Where: The Hutong
Time: 7:00pm
Price: 100RMB (includes a Slow Food Beijing membership and one drink and corn snacks; 50RMB for SFB members)

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You are what you eat! If you grew up in the United States, it’s likely that much of your food has been made from processed corn. Join Slow Food Beijing for the first food awareness film night. We’ll be showing KING CORN (2007 Mosaic Films), a documentary about the genetically modified corn industry in the US, where almost every processed food product is derived from corn. The result is a nation of fast farmers producing fast food resulting in obesity, and cheap food that is void of nutrition and fraught with other perils.

Filmmakers Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney decide to grow their own acre of GM corn in Iowa, the heart of the corn belt. Follow them as they discover what happens to this America’s most subsidized grain and how it has affected the food supply. Viewers will learn how big food industries have saturated markets and how they affect each of us, even here in China.

We thank the filmmakers for granting Slow Food Beijing and The Hutong permission to show this film. Please contact for more information.