Qi Gong Club

Qi gong club classes been suspended and has been replaced with the ‘China Essential – morning qi gong’ TCM tour program (restarting in March 2012)

Qi Gong means both ‘breathing exercise’ and ‘energy control’. Qi is a Chinese word, which has no direct English translation, but it roughly equates with the concept of ‘energy’ in the New Physics sense of the word. The Chinese word Gong translates as ‘work’ or ‘discipline’ or something that takes your full attention – so Qi Gong is a form of attentive ‘Qi work’.

In this class, there are no strict rules, no strict master, nor any attendance requirements. The aim of the class is to give people flexibility and the opportunity to experience and practice Qi Gong on their own terms, in an effort to make Qi Gong practice more accessible to those who are interested.

Teacher: Alex Tan – qualified TCM practitioner & educator