Pumpkin Sensations Sessions

The Hutong is delighted to announce another special culinary workshop with the chef who brought the best from the West to Beijing’s kitchens. On Sunday, Nov 20th, “Chef Jeff” will take us on a Pumpkin Sensations Session in our cozy kitchen, bringing out the different flavors and nuances of this versatile vegetable and giving us the opportunity to share in his passion for Fresh, Seasonal, and Local. Chef Jeff’s Pumpkin Sensations Session menu will feature:

Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter

Pumpkin Curry served in Pumpkin

Pumpkin Creme Brûlée

From The Beijinger’s Restaurant of the year and Condé Nast’s top restaurant for a ski resort, to contributing to the Smithsonian Institute’s sustainable seafood cook book, Chef Jeffery Powell continues to bring great food to great people. If you wish to find out more about Chef Jeff click here.

Click here to sign up for Chef Jeff’s Pumpkin Sensations Session.

And not to be outdone, on Wednesday, November 23 we will offer a charity Pumpkin Sensations Session with our good friends from Rotaract. Learn how to make the all-time American classic pumpkin pie, just in time for Thanksgiving, as well as Chinese Mi Zao Gao (Chinese date, pumpkin and sticky rice) and our signature Hutong pumpkin soup to boot. A portion of the proceeds from this charity cooking class will benefit Rotaract Beijing. Click here to sign up.

Both of our Pumpkin Sensations Sessions are part of our Fresh is Best seasonal culinary workshops, with the aim of showing you how to incorporate fresh seasonal ingredients back into your home cooking, and eat according to the seasons, just like once upon a time, just like nature intended.