10 Ways To Improve Your Photography (without buying gear)

10 Things To Improve Your Photography Without Buying Gear


Keep saying to yourself “If I only had that (newest) lens or camera, then I could take better pictures.”  Have what photographers lovingly call GAS (gear acquisition syndrome)?  Then it’s time to stop lusting after the newest gadgets and start taking better pictures.

This presentation will give you ten reasons to get out there and shoot without spending another RMB.  Mitchell Masilun, photography instructor at The Hutong, will give a short talk on techniques, tips, and ideas on how to take better pictures with the gear you already have.

A lot of the problem people have is that they use gear as an excuse that limits them from creating beautiful pictures, that is simply not true.  Gear is normally the limiting factor when it comes to photography; having too many lenses to choose from or not understanding the camera you already have will also limit your image-making skills.

Some of the themes discussed will include technical, creative, and inspirational aspects that will cost you nothing as far as money, but will give you enough ideas to start taking better pictures the moment you leave.

Mitchell Masilun is a Beijing based freelance photographer and educator. He is a contributor to Getty Images and staff photographer for True Run Media (The Beijinger, Beijing Kids, and Agenda magazines). Before coming to China, he was a photojournalist working in the Chicagoland and Central Ohio areas, with images circulated nationwide through the Associated Press, The Chicago Tribune, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution and other newspapers. His images have been published in four books and he is currently working on a documentary about Kashgar’s Old City.

For more images from the instructor, please go to www.mitchellmasilun.com