Love Affairs with a MAC

Love Affairs With A Mac. From your first kiss to marital bliss – click here to download the course PDF.

Course 1 (2hrs): The Infatuation, 2 Hours / 3rd Saturday of the Month, RMB 340

You’ve just started dating and you can’t be separated from your Mac but you know that there is so much more to a long-lasting relationship.

In this 2 hour course you will learn how to better use your Mac, understand its capabilities, and gain a strong foundation from which you can take your relationship to the next level.

Areas covered:

  • The power of the Mac – overview of built in goodies
  • The basics – photos, email, web browsing, online communication
  • Using the Mac operating environment efficiently
  • Syncing with other devices
  • Effective filing systems
  • Top 10 tips and tricks

Course 2 (4 hrs): Moving in Together, 4 Hours / 3rd SUNDAY of the Month, RMB 500

You have been going steady and are serious about things. Moving in together is going to be exciting, yet though you know one another you still have to learn how to grow together.

This 4 hour intensive workshop will take your Mac capabilities to the super level. We’ll introduce you to strategies, tips and tricks, as well as 3rd party software and plugins which will help you be much more efficient, organized and automated.

Areas covered:

  • Efficient use of the finder features
  • Getting more out of the standard mac programs
  • Strategies for organization on email and web browsing
  • Advanced search strategies
  • Chinese tools for the Mac
  • Security and backup
  • Automation
  • Cool third party plugs and applications
  • Making your system run faster
  • Top 10 Advanced tips and tricks

Course 3 (4 hrs): The Marriage, 4 Hours / 4th SUNDAY of the Month, RMB 500

You love one another and are ready to make the ultimate commitment. You realize that to make the most of your marriage you will have to work at it. But you believe in your Mac and are confident that your passion will transform into a sound, supportive, creative and ever-improving relationship.

This final 4 hour intensive workshop will take you through the Mac’s popular programs for creating content from spreadsheets to movies. You will come away  with a new set of easy to use creative tools at your disposal – ready to unleash your creativity on the world.

Areas covered:

  • Creating visually stimulating presentations and printed material with Keynote and Pages
  • Numbers – making spreadsheets quickly and visually stimulating
  • iWeb – creating web pages and blogs quickly with templates
  • Html email creation
  • iMovie + iPhoto
  • Sourcing imagery
  • Top 10 Advanced tips

These days our computers are a huge part of our daily life – both at home and at work. From sending emails, booking flights, watching movies to shopping it all happens through the computer.

Those of you who own a mac have probably marveled at its simplicity of use, stability and elegant design. What you are probably less aware of is the depth of useful and powerful tools within the system and software which are designed to make your time on the computer more efficient and the content that you create more visually stimulating.

This course will provide you with usage strategies, hidden tips and tricks to help any level mac user improve their efficiency. It will also demonstrate how to create more stimulating material with your mac – covering presentations, simple movies, photo manipulation, fliers, simple websites and visually stimulating email.

The all-inclusive cost for Shannon’s workshop is RMB 1200.

Shannon Bufton is an Australian expat with a diverse range of experiences. He has worked as an architect, urban designer, publisher, graphic + web designer and project manager both in his own small business and in large companies. His mac has been the central tool in all of his projects, as a result he has many practical suggestions for real world business and personal use for the tools he will teach you.

He was responsible for setting up the digital design + production process for an Australian Urban Design practice between China and Australia from 2004 – 2006 and he has taught digital graphics courses at The University of Melbourne and the the State Library of Victoria.

Now settling down in Beijing he can be found riding around the streets of Beijing promoting cycling through the group he co-founded – Smarter Than Car –

Course Cost – RMB 1500