Cultural Bite

The Chinese chef’s knife is often the sole cutting implement in the Chinese kitchen. It differs from a Western-style knife in its broad rectangular blade.

What You’ll Learn

The class will teach you to how to slice, shred, mince and debone with a cleaver, while you learn to whip up three classic Chinese dishes. This class is information-heavy and offers less cooking than our regular offerings.




Knife Skills

  •    Smashed Cucumber Salad
  • Braised Chicken with Dried Lily Flower
  • Sour and Sweet Shredded Potatoes
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Knife Skills




‘From the very first lesson, I was hooked. And it’s not because I can’t cook that I have to keep coming back! On the contrary, it is because I am a ‘foodie’ who enjoys delicious, homemade food; because I always learn a new trick and because I always have great fun! ‘

-Chelin Miller