The Hutong Fayre

Fayre is an old English word describing a community gathering of people for a fun day out. Our next Hutong Fayre will be on April 17. This is going to be a special, food-and-drink only Fayre. The theme will be Global Gourmet, and people can come to connect with friends over delicious tastes. We will have a variety of gourmet stations, and each will have bite-sized tidbits for guests to enjoy as they work their way around the globe, one bite at a time.

Vendors include Mughal’s Restaurant, Rose’s Private Kitchen, Le Fromager de Pekin, Flo Juices, Great Leap, Wondermilk, Boulangerie Nanda, World Health Store and more!

The word Fayre comes from offering a range of locally produced made and sourced products connected to the local community. Products range from wines to cheeses, handmade guizhou handicrafts, photography to jewelry wears, Lollipops to kids face paints. Guaranteed a fun day out for the whole family, free samples and a place to catch up with friends for fun social setting. The Hutong holds a Fayre for every season: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Fayres.

Arrange to meet your friends on the rooftop later for a cool beer or glass of wine, sampling some of the fine food on offer.

Photos by Liz Phung and Malin

Click on the link to see a beautiful Christmas Fayre webpage and video by Maggie Wu of Radio Beijing. Thank you Maggie!