Chinese Yam or Taro

Chinese Yam (Fresh: 山药 shan yao) or (Dried: 淮山 huai shan)

chinese yamIf you visit a local market now, you will find an abundance of Chinese Yam. This is a great substitute for potato, just add it to your favourite casserole or soup. Alternatively is you visit a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, it is possible you will be given this same ingredient in it’s dried form. Huai Shan is known to strengthen muscles, enhance vigour and repair worn-out tissue. It’s a great Winter food, helping to aid digestion, diabetes, diarrhoea, kidney defects and dry coughs. We advise not to over do it though, asthis herb also helps get the bladder functioning and makes you perspire.

The Hutong’s favourite way to enjoy this ingredient fresh, is to chop it finely and stir fry with pink salt and paprika. We then steam it and pair with a light sesame, honey chili dipping sauce.

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