Chinese for Everyday Life (让中文走进你的生活)

Learn Chinese from an international group of teachers who have created, assembled and organized their own course to go towards completion of their master’s diplomas at Beijing’s Communication University of China. Hailing from the United States, Italy and Malaysia, this group of teachers knows exactly what challenges foreigners studying Chinese face.

Not only can native Chinese speaker Carmen give you tips for painting beautiful Chinese characters and perfecting your brushstrokes, but she can also teach students how to cook mouthwatering Malaysian food!

Explore Beijing and Chinese culture together in a relaxed environment, with teachers who can explain everything from difficult—but useful—grammar points to everyday computer slang in a language you can understand.

Classes are offered in three different levels—Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced—but regardless of your level, students can still learn many new things in the beginner classes!

Let us show you how to read menus and order that favorite dish your friend once ordered but you can’t remember the name, learn about different spices used in cooking and how to bargain, find out how to tell your cab driver that he’s taking you in a circle, or how to adjust the key from C to G for your favorite KTV song!

Our 10-week survival course on Chinese language and culture has something for everyone!

Every Sunday from Mar. 6 – May 15


Price: 30 RMB/class

(Please note no class will be held on April 17)

March 6 Sunday (3月6日 星期天), 4:30-6:30pm: Basic Grammar (Beginner) 基础语法(初级)

March 13 Sunday (3月13日 星期天), 4:30-6:30pm: Calligraphy (Intermediate) 书法(中级)

March 20 Sunday (3月27日 星期天), 4:30-6:30pm: Slang and Internet Lingo (Intermediate-Advanced) 俚语与网络流行语(中级/高级)

March 27 Sunday (3月20日 星期天), 4:30-6:30pm: Cooking (Beginner) 做菜(初级)

April 3 Sunday (4月24日 星期天), 4:30-6:30pm: Geography and Sight-seeing (Beginner) 地理和名胜古迹

April 10 Sunday (4月10日 星期天), 4:30-6:30pm: Music and KTV (Intermediate/Advanced) 音乐和KTV(中级/高级)

April 24 Sunday (4月3日 星期天), 4:30-6:30pm: Trip to the Farmer’s Market (Beginner) 农业市场之行(初级)

May 1 Sunday (5月1日 星期天), 4:30-6:30pm: 12 Chinese Zodiacs and Traditional Holidays (Intermediate) 十二生肖与传统节日

May 8 Sunday (5月8日 星期天), 4:30-6:30pm: 4:30-6:30pm: Restaurant Menus (Beginner) 饭馆菜单(初级)

May 15 Sunday (5月15日 星期天), 4:30-6:30pm: Getting Around Town (Intermediate) 交通知识(中级)

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