Brazilian Style Feijoada with Gaby Alves

Restaurateur, Gaby Alves of SALT Restaurant Beijing came to The Hutong to launch the first week of our C52 Connecting Cultures Culinary Challenge. Gaby hosted a Brazilian feijoada lunch, washed down with refreshing caipirinhas  and answered questions about her native Brazil.

The origin of the feijoada runs back to the sixteenth century with the introduction of slaves in Brazil. This “heavy” dish kept stomachs full for a long time and gave the workers the energy they needed. Chockful of beans, sausage, pork, spring greens and rice, feijoada is a weekend meal enjoyed by families across South America.

SALT, also offers a popular weekly rendition on this classic meal during their Saturday feijoada lunch where they serve delicious Braised Beans, Crispy Pork Crackling and Ribs, Spring Greens, Farofa and Home Style White Rice, Vinaigrette and Quail Egg. If this has wet your appetite, then you are in luck as it is on the Saturday lunch menu 12-3pm for 148RM
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Click here to view a short video of the event

After a hearty lunch we meandered up to our roof terrace where we were joined by the Beijing Capoeira Club.

Tamandu a capoeria instructor from Brazil played the birrimbao and the fun began.

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