Bunohan Is Back


A Malaysian cooking class followed by a repeat screening of the genre-busting frantic Malaysian film: BUNOHAN.

Malaysian cuisine is the new in vogue cuisine, and has become trendy for a reason. With Chinese, Indian, Thai, Indonesian and Portuguese roots, Malaysian cuisine is a harmonious fusion of these influences, and is an indulgence for foodies who love Asian flavors.

Aside from abundant use of fresh coconut milk, it is its seasoning combinations that give that delectable flair to Malaysian cuisine. Most dishes are cooked with a mix of dried spices – coriander, clove, cumin, cardamon, cinnamon, to name a few that start with the letter c – and fresh seasonings – ginger, garlic, shallots, cilantro, lemon grass, chilis and the list goes on. The selected combination of dried spices and fresh seasonings are ingeniously matched and pounded together to make a fine paste to be used as a cooking base. And off we go …

Cost: Cooking class + Screening, 280 RMB, 220 for members + 1 RMB lolly bill (click here to find out more).

Screening Only: 7:30pm, 30RMB.

When: Sunday, April 21st at 5:00. Visit our calendar to register for our August edition of Food, Film and Friends.

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Dir: Dain Said, MAL, 2011, 97mins

With a list of ancestors that includes Shakespeare, Tran Anh Hung, “The Godfather” and the Bible, “Bunohan” serves up a feast of archetypes and violence amid a story that twines like a basketful of cobras. The border-hopping Malaysian plotline defies pigeonholing — it’s a fight film with echoes of “King Lear,” and a ghost story about living people who occupy the edge of existence. Specialty bookers could well be turned off by the brutal violence, but a dose of visceral horror is well worth the trip to “Bunohan”.  -Variety.com

Food, Film and Friends is done in partnership with Electric Shadows. Electric Shadows hosts a variety of events in Beijing and beyond, including a short film showcase on the first Sunday of every month, practical experimental film workshops and an amorphous film club. For more information: electricshadows.bj@gmail.com/ 136 6135 9749

Screenings are open to those who don’t wish to participate in the class (fees and starting times above), but registration on The Hutong’s website is greatly encouraged as seating is limited.