Bookworm International Literary Festival

The Bookworm International Literary Festival is a unique celebration of literature and ideas in China, programming 100 events across three cities, connecting over 70 Chinese and international writers and thinkers. The BLF 2012 Programme will be announced 20 January, 2012. Click here to see their full line-up of events and authors, and see below to see the workshops The Hutong is hosting. Tickets to BLF events are available exclusively at The Bookworm, from 9 am until 9 pm daily. Events will sell out. For the latest information, please call the festival hotline at 137 1762 0144.

Cook Your Book, Food from Fiction (HT18A)
Sunday, 18 March 11am

Come learn how to make all your favourite foods from fiction! Turkish delight from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, tea cakes for Alice on her adventure in Wonderland and more! The Hutong’s expert chefs lead you through recipes from Jane Brocket’s amazing Turkish Delight & Treasure Hunts: Delightful Treats and Games from Classic Children’s Books.

Cost: 420 RMB (price includes cookbook)

Creative Fiction with Justin Hill (HT11A)
Sunday, 11 March 2pm

A simple and practical workshop with award-winning writer Justin Hill named by the Independent as “a great and passionate storyteller,” This workshop will give you clear and helpful insights into how to turn a good idea into a great story. Brought to you by City University of Hong Kong.

Children’s Books with Peter Brown (HT11B)
Sunday, 11 March 4pm

Dinosaurs in space, badgers living in teapot hotels, secret worlds tucked behind pieces of furniture. Children’s books let the imagination run wild. Peter Brown’s kids’ books delight young and old readers alike with their gorgeous illustrations and endearing characters. Brown leads an adult workshop on how to use illustrations and narrative to create fun and inventive tales for the young at heart.

Comics with Sally Kindberg (HT17A)
Saturday, 17 March

Sally Kindberg teaches us how to simplify complicated information, use humour and create narrative twists to tell a story in a comic strip. Through an interactive demonstration, Kindberg will show us how to use speech bubbles, frames, cropping, visual puns and more! Worksheets with a starter frame will be provided to get everyone drawing.

Teleplays with Qaisra Shahraz (HT18A)
Sunday, 18 March 2pm

Despite advances in technology, cinematography and viewing – does anyone even watch TV on TV anymore? – what keeps us all hooked to television shows is the story. Dramas, comedies, soap operas, reality shows – in order to succeed, they all feature compelling characters and narratives that grapple with real human issues. Qaisra Shahraz created and wrote for The Heart Is It, an award-winning Pakistani drama series. Join us as she guides us through the steps of writing for the small screen.

Memoir with Tim Clare (HT18B)
Sunday, 18 March 4pm

We all have stories to tell – whether you have a collection of mishaps from your travels abroad, an “only-in-China” tale or childhood that begs to be captured on the page. Tim Clare’s darkly funny memoir We Can’t All Be Astronauts transformed a life tragedy – losing his job, his girlfriend and his apartment – into a great book. Join us as Clare shows us how to turn our own life experiences into gripping narrative.