St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Special

© Lollipop Bakery

Reason to celebrate #78: in addition to the wearing of green attire, St. Patrick’s Day, officially designated a feast day in the early 17th century,  was also characterized by the lifting of restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol just for that day during the period of Lent, so that the Irish could feast, drink and celebrate their saint. Indulge in yourself (guilt-free!) and join us at The Hutong on March 17th for our special St. Patrick’s Day cupcake class. There will be Guinness. There will be Bailey’s. And there will be green. We are talking Guinness cupcakes with Bailey’s whipped cream and green tea cupcakes with chocolate frosting!

We’ve consulted with the expert bakers at Beijing’s Lollipop Bakery, famed for their luscious cupcakes. They have kindly provided expert guidance, particularly in how to decorate the perfect cupcake.  Piping bags, decorating nozzles and food colouring will be provided, and what’s more, each student will get to take home their works of cupcake art in one of Lollipop Bakery’s iconic boxes.

We will have our Gourmet Pattycakes class on both Saturday, March 17 and Sunday, March 18, starting at 2:00 and ending at 4:30. The cost is RMB 280 per person, 220 for members.

We also arrange Private Cupcake Classes and Parties. If you would like to host a private cupcake event, please email Lollipop Bakery at [email protected]