We really are lucky to be working with you. I know it’s taken me two years to believe it, but The Hutong really is the only company in Beijing that we can work with and I hope this relationship continues for a long time.

– Shaun Hutchinson, Beijing City International School, Secondary School Principal




The Hutong sets the bar high for educational travel in China! Great communication, excellent planning, authentic on-site learning, appreciation of Chinese culture, and top-notch professionalism are just a few of the consistent ingredients for a wonderful experience by Hutong educational staff members. It’s clear that Hutong staff love what they do, and their enthusiasm is infectious! Anyone can make a travel itinerary, but The Hutong always hits the mark by creating excellent onsite learning opportunities.

– Karin Semler , Director of Student Life, Concordia International School of Shanghai



I have had the pleasure of working with The Hutong for the last five years. Year after year we have been met with the same quality of logistical support and dynamic instructors. Best of all the people who we have connected with at The Hutong have stayed the same. This has encouraged a deeper collaboration between our teams, led to friendships, and confidence in the experience being delivered to the students. Any organization that features such staff longevity, clearly know what they are doing and doing it right! Both of my own children have attended week long trips run by The Hutong and have been able to clearly articulate the fun and learning that has taken place along with the essential values of collaboration and respect that come along with “Sharing Culture, Sharing Knowledge.”  A sincere thank-you to the team at The Hutong from the families, teachers and coordinators at WISS.”

– Jaia Tucker, Secondary School Principal, Western International School of Shanghai


We have worked over several years with The Hutong on trips for students from 8 to 16 years of age. In every case, they have been helpful, prompt and friendly, both on the ground and in the build-up. The staff are aware of the needs of an international school and are able to ease any parental nervousness with their personable responses and offer great advice to destinations, timing and experiences to the school. On the trips, both students and our staff have built great rapport with their team and each trip has been an immense success. I have no reservations recommending The Hutong for their expertise, manner and professionalism!”

– Matthew Shephard, Headmaster, The British School of Nanjing



In my 15 years of teaching, I have not attended a better trip than the Yunnan cycle trip. All parts of the program went smoothly. I loved how well the team worked together. The Hutong team have strong relations with locals and it was wonderful to see the warm friendships they have … I felt that the team was very sensitive to our needs as teachers and had deep knowledge of the area and the people. I would recommend this trip to any student group looking for a physical challenge and deep cultural experience. It was a transformative journey.

– Brenda Petersen , Concordia International School of Shanghai
Yunnan Program



Among all the study tour service providers I know, The Hutong and its knowledgeable and passionate staff are in a league of their own–creative in program design, discerning in selecting authentic learning experiences, thorough in preparation, thoughtful in logistical arrangements, skilful in activity facilitation, and safe and inspiring in program delivery. Absolutely top-notch!

– Geoffrey Ko , Former Head of Experiential Learning, The Independent Schools Foundation Academy




The staff at The Hutong were excellent. It was obvious that they not only did their homework to prepare, but they also enjoyed their job and liked our kids! 7th graders can be a lot to handle, but The Hutong team were patient and understanding, while also setting boundaries and having high expectations for behavior and participation. Overall outstanding … there really is NO comparison. You can’t compare a tour company with an educational program. You guys knock the competition out of the water, as far as I’m concerned!

– Alana Keith , Grade 7 Math/Science teacher and Team Leader, Concordia International School of Shanghai, Beijing Program



Partnering with the Hutong has created real authentic experiencing China opportunities for our students. The activities planned were very educational, meaningful and fun. The students loved and appreciated every day of their trip and the educational links. The students really sought challenge and embraced diversity, especially on the Yunnan Bike Journey. On the logistical side, the Hutong staff were great to work with, always on the same page as the teaching staff, and are great with communication. They really go the extra mile to keep us informed and ensure the safety of the students on the trip.

– Lianne Yu, IGCSE Coordinator, YCIS Beijing




“I have been on sports tours my entire life as the daughter of a PE teacher and I can only say positive things about The Hutong staff. They got to know the children quickly, understood what we needed as staff and made sure the children and staff had a trip of a lifetime. There is not much more you could ask of a company in my opinion.”

Becky Manson, PE Teacher, JESS Jerumiah Dubai




“We took our students from the city on the Yunnan Bike Journey with the Hutong. Both the leaders, Jake and Bruce were very knowledgeable of the Chinese culture in the area and were passionate about showing and teaching students about minority groups in China and the environmental challenges and changes in the area. All aspects of the trip were well thought out and purposefully talked about with our students. It w as a great pleasure to be on the trip, see the students learn and achieve challenges that they were nervous about. I highly recommend taking students on the trip to see the beautiful landscape in Xishuangbanna and the people in China in a truly unique and meaningful way.”

– Amanda Riske, Mathematics, Western International School of Shanghai




“The Hutong really were a fantastic team to work with. They were always so organized and keen to lead activities in an enthusiastic manner. They interacted with students well, building a great rapport with them and even had learnt most their names by the end of the week. They were also keen to work with us, Harrow staff, in planning the itinerary to make sure it fitted our needs. This flexible and positive but conscientious attitude really meant that we worked really well together on this successful trip. We all thoroughly enjoyed the trip – great organization, fantastic staff and really positive students meant that w e loved every minute!”

– Claire Harrington, Harrow International School, Geography



“We booked a September school trip to Inner Mongolia through The Hutong and had an utterly amazing time. The staff at The Hutong were so well organised and really helped our students prepare for the trip. They provided an excellent, interesting and well designed educational pack and kept our students entertained and educated for the whole time. It was so nice to go to this part of the world with a crew of committed, educated, environmentally aware and excellently enthusiastic people. It was brilliant to be able to trust The Hutong with our students and I found myself getting whole-heartedly involved in the activities they’d planned. The students have great memories and The Hutong gave them a fantastics exposure to this amazing part of the world. If you haven’t been to Inner Mongolia, go, and go with The Hutong so that you can get the best of it.”

– Richard Payne , YCIS Beijing, Head of Mathematics




“The Pu’er Bicycle Challenge was a fantastic trip. I’ve been Head of Year to many of those students for a while and I was amazed at the way they all showed genuine grit and determination. I saw a side of the students that they have never shown at school. Sometimes it takes years for students to reflect on how great their school expeditions were but I think this group all already know that they have just experienced something special that they had to work hard for.”

– Alex Murchie, Harrow International School, Head of Secondary and Sixth Form




“The hands-on focus of the activities that The Hutong provides to our students enhances both the lessons that we teach in the classroom as well as their understanding of the culture that they live in. The programs that The Hutong offers, allow our students the opportunity to interact with the subject matter that we present in the classroom in a way that they are able to conceptualize their understanding in a manner not available within the classroom.”

– Brian McManus, Grade 9 Teacher, International School of Beijing




“It was truly an amazing experience for the students and the staff. Josh and Kristen guided us through everything, they were amazing and our students were so sad when we had to leave them. I highly recommend The Hutong and Josh and Kristen. They were extremely knowledgable, friendly and had an instant rapport with the students. I can’t speak highly enough about them and their organisation. We had a wonderful cultural experience that would not have been possible without them.”

– David White, Boys Team Coach, ICEF Beijing Trip





The Hutong staff is amazing! They competently led us through Inner Mongolia and created a truly meaningful experience for staff and students. Their passion for education, local knowledge and fluency in Mandarin made our adventure a trip of a lifetime! If you’re looking for an educational adventure in China, I strongly recommend The Hutong!

– Michel Breton, Canadian International School of Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia




“I had the great pleasure to work with members of the Hutong’s Educational Team and create a wonderful wellness based high school experiential trip. The team at The Hutong were amazing to work with, not only because of their enthusiasm, passion and willingness to go above and beyond, but because of the genuine interest the team took in understanding our group’s needs and goals. The “Hot ‘n’ Healthy” trip was a complete success and I hope it will be used as a corner stone for developing other wellness based offerings for adults and students! Thank you and best to you all this 2014 to come!”

– Tifani Sadek, International School of Beijing, Health Teacher




“Thank you Kristen and Sue both so very much for facilitating and leading our Fun with Food trip at The Hutong. As I said on Saturday evening, in my wildest dreams I didn’t imagine it would be so successful. You are both inspirational and dynamic women and our students were very fortunate to experience your style of leadership, and to be able to learn from your incredible skills. I loved Woody’s comment when I asked him if there was one thing he would like to change about the trip and he said ‘Ï wish it was longer!’ Would you please also pass on my most heartfelt thanks to the whole Hutong Team who looked after us constantly for 4 days!”

– Pamela Rawson, International School of Beijing, Science Teacher




The Hutong has put together three excellent trips for us to Inner Mongolia. They understood exactly what we wanted for these expeditions and responded to all of our special requests. We were particularly interested in desertification and they way people use the land. Students were able to see this in detail. They were also given opportunities to talk to locals and experts. The Hutong planned each trip thoroughly and we always felt safe and taken care of. On all of the trips, the leaders provided by the Hutong were excellent. They spoke fluent Chinese and had a great rapport with our students. Our expeditions to Inner Mongolia were fantastic learning experiences for our students and I enthusiastically recommend The Hutong.

– Mark LombardoBeijing City International School, Head of Year Grade 8



Jim Richmond

The mist, as it descended daily into the valleys of Fujian, brought a solemnity and peacefulness to my morning coffee. Each day, before the sun peaked over the hills, I bumped into a Hutong guide on my morning walk. And every morning, as we talked about our day, ground our coffee beans, and stretched our aching muscles, I was thankful for the people I was able to work with. The Hutong guides were absolute experts, planned intricate details with precision, and handled difficulties with poise. But what made The Hutong tour through the Tulou country meaningful was that every Hutong guide I worked with was an example to my students. My guides took time to think about their world, talk to strangers, and try new foods. They never asked the students to do anything they weren’t doing themselves. They kept cycling when they were sore, they smiled when frustrated, and they took the time to really try to get to know every kid in my group. You all are a great group of people. I look forward to working with you again next year.

– Jim Richmond, Concordia International School of Shanghai, Head of English




The Hutong team lives by their motto…..”Light a Spark!” During this trip they challenged each of us to embrace the culture of Xishuangbanna through a variety of cultural activities and cycling challenges. They are without a doubt some of the most professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeable crew members I’ve had a chance to work with during my time in China. Thanks Hutong for a taking us on a trip of a lifetime!”

– Becki Bishop, Concordia International School of Shanghai, Physical Education




“Thank you so much for an amazing time! You made our experience here in Beijing, one that we will all remember for a lifetime. Your organizational skills were extraordinary and your knowledge inspirational. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

– Avis Brodess, Team Chaperone, ICEF Trip




In all honesty, I loved essentially every aspect of the trip and am so glad to have had that unique experience. I really admire the work you guys do. Again thank you, and well done to everybody who made it possible!

– Laura Scully, Western International School of Shanghai, Fujian




I just finished a five day tour of Fujian with The Hutong. I am not exaggerating when I state that they were exceptional in accommodating our large group of over 45 students and several more staff members! They were professional, courteous and above all knowledgeable. Their expertise contributed to our group’s overall learning experience and safety as we hiked, biked, and travelled through rural southern China. We feel like we received a one-of-a-kind experience that we will not soon forget.

– Leonard Stanley , Western International School of Shanghai




Our Grade 9 trip to Beijing was one of the highlights of my time working in China. The passion and enthusiasm of the staff from The Hutong was infectious and their knowledge of Beijing left me feeling I knew the city much better than any of my previous visits. The programme design was fantastic but it really flew because of the passion and dedication of the team delivering it. All staff were very professional. I was very impressed with their interactions with the kids and the local knowledge they shared. They were genuinely enthusiastic and caring. It is a testament to The Hutong programme that every student came away smiling and with a story to tell.

– Alia Turnidge , MYP Teacher, Nanjing International School, Beijing Program




What a well planned trip! Thank you for this wonderful experience! The students were happy, content and pleasantly tired. As a Grade 5 teacher I know how well planned a lesson needs to be to avoid hitting the dreaded “I’m bored” or “I’m tired” or “I’m finished, whatsoever I do next?” To have achieved this on a continuum of three days? Bravo!

– Anuradha Choudhuri , Western International School of Shanghai
Xi’An Program




Fan and Kristen were wonderful and easy adjusted when requested. The kids absolutely loved them and even confided in them, which is high praise for a teenager! I also felt like all the workshops were especially strong this year. I very much appreciated the positive messages that were conveyed to the kids. They still encourage each other to silence their inner critics long after the trip. As teachers, we always felt free to enter in. It was a joy to participate along side the students in the art and acting workshops. It was such a warm community feeling.

– Bryan Munson , Concordia International School of Shanghai
Mosaic Interim Program, Beijing




Thank you for your hard work to make our Anhui trip so successful and enjoyable! It was educational, recreational, and entertaining … You have a special way to connect with students of this age group, and I know our students have enjoyed your leadership as well as your guidance. Please give my regards to Emily and Kiki. You three were an amazing trio! Thank you.

– Christy Henson , Hong Kong International School, Anhui




All of the staff interacted really well with the students, they all made a huge effort to learn names and get to know them which was great to see. All very organised, no wasted time and the food was delicious 🙂

– Colette Shearer , Dulwich College Shanghai, Beijing Program




This was my second trip with The Hutong and I feel like I walked away from the trip not only appreciating China more but building friendships with the staff. The staff is very aware of their surroundings including the local culture, the students and the teachers. I personally wouldn’t want to go on another trip with another company because I believe the culture of the company is clearly reflects the experience that they provide. Thank you for an amazing week. I wish it could have been longer!

– Daniel Mazz , Maths Teacher, British School of Nanjing, Fujian Program




Organisation was superb from start to finish. Ben and Daisy were outstanding; I can’t praise them enough. We love their ability to work with students, organisational skills, sense of passion, communication skills, and subject and content knowledge. The Harrow staff involved have already expressed their desire to be involved again in next year’s trip! I would thoroughly recommend The Hutong to anyone who is looking to enrich and educate the minds of their students!

– Darryl Evans , Harrow International School, Beijing, Jiangxi Program




The team was absolutely fantastic to work with! All of them (Kristen, Mark, Bruce, and Morgan) were amazingly helpful, especially when problems came up. They were very friendly, very knowledgeable about the tulous and the area and what they couldn’t answer they found out right away from the local guides (such as Liz). The cultural aspect of The Hutong is strong and this is important when taking international students out of their comfort zone to introduce them to the culture of their host country. Hats off to The Hutong!

– Denes Tilistyak , Secondary Mathematics Teacher, Western International School of Shanghai, Fujian Program




Working with the Hutong has been nothing but a pleasure. In the 4 years that I have been taking my students on trips with them, they have never once disappointed. Their trips are well run, focused on experiential education, and an amazing opportunity for community building. The last few years we have been going to Shaolin temple to to experience a lifestyle that epitomizes the importance of confidence, goal setting, perseverance, and working together. It is an amazing trip and the students’ experiences are ones that we mine for educational value throughout the rest of the year.

– Jock Macgillivray , Beijing City International School




There’s very little I would change. From the environmental focus in the beginning with the chopstick challenge to the school visit at the end, there is not one activity I would recommend dropping. I also liked the way you interacted with the local people. What I appreciated most, however, was the 24/7 attention you, Kiki, and Emily gave to the kids and to the program. I’ve been on a fair number of trips with different facilitators and you guys were outstanding.

– Peter Dratz , Social Studies Teacher, Hong Kong International School, Anhui




Fantastic trip run by Josh and Ian, our students were engaged and enthralled the entire trip. Not one student said it was boring and all said it was the best discover China trip they have been on, and of the 3 I have been on I completely agree. The activities, information and booklet were pitched at the right level for the age group. The variety of activities meant that there was something for everyone and each student was able to experience something they were one of the best at, helping to improve their self esteem and confidence. I am strongly suggesting that The Hutong are used in our school for all year group discover China trips so students can get the most from the trips.

– Robin Marsh , Nanjing International School, Beijing Program




The Hebei trip was fabulous! Hebeiwood was a great location and allowed the students to really engage with the story of Jing Ke and the first Emperor! Jeffrey and Kristen were also amazing. When it rained Jeffrey led the kids for hours of improv games … and we all LOVED Qi Gong! That has been echoed by the students and accompanying faculty since we’ve returned. Thanks! See you next year!

– Robyn Turner , Beijing City International School, Hebei Program




The Hutong staff were very professional and organised throughout, from booking train tickets and buses to food, accommodation and activities. Before the programme, they sat down with our Geography teachers and adapted the programme to match the GCSE Geography requirements … Both of our Hutong guides spoke excellent Mandarin … Overall I would highly recommend the Hutong and will be using them again next year.

– Sharon Ringrose , Harrow International School Beijing, Anhui




The combination of outstanding leaders from the Hutong, an equally engaging group of teaching artists, well planned outings to significant historical and artistic venues, and a variety of authentic voices that spoke about the art-making process was important to our school’s learning community and mission and provided an engaging bilingual, bicultural lense that was intellectually and educationally stimulating. Our students are not likely to forget the profound and meaningful learning experiences with the Hutong in Beijing.. It was such a gift to work with such high quality educators such as Jeffrey Schwab and Kristen Lum and so refreshing to know that there are facilitators out there who want to learn and who are excited about engaging in cultural and educational issues.

– Victoria Wreden-Sadeq , Nansha College Preparatory Academy
Arts Program, Beijing



“I have now been on three residential trips with The Hutong (Beijing, Fujian, and Henan/Xian), and all three have been absolutely tremendous. Both students and staff have loved every single trip, and that is in large part thanks to the excellent work and preparation that goes into preparing itineraries by The Hutong. The Hutong Education experience is fun, cultured, interesting and engaging – for students and also staff lucky enough to join them on the trips. They have helped inspire me to want to travel to more places in China – and to explore more of what this fascinating country has to offer!

– Dan Plummer, British School of Nanjing, Beijing, Fujian, and Xian




I always felt that the Hutong staff were on top form, they had great energy. Even when I was feeling tired, Nitai was able to put on an enthusiastic act in our bus to get the students roused up. Some emergency changes had to be made to the itinerary due to unforeseen roadworks delaying us but I almost didn’t notice, and I’m sure the students didn’t either. Very well organised. Great handbook. Amazing staff. Good activities. Absolutely fantastic experience! I wasn’t particularly looking forward to revisiting Inner Mongolia after my previous experience, but had the best time ever with The Hutong.

– Mike Hodges, Harrow International School Beijing. Inner Mongolia Program




I am just writing to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all the staff at The Hutong who welcomed us so warmly to Beijing and made our visit such an exciting, stimulating and educational experience! I very much look forward to returning to The Hutong with my Year 4, 5 and 6 students, later this year. Thanks again.

– Andrew Foord, Head of P.E., Seoul Foreign School, Beijing



We have just returned from a week’s mountain biking around beautiful Xishuangbanna. The highly knowledgeable staff certainly deliver on what they promise. A wide range of activities was meticulously planned, each of which provided a fine balance between action and education. The students have not stopped talking about the trip since they returned. Thanks to The Hutong Team for a wonderful week! Morgan’s abundant supply of morning coffee is not be missed….”

– Neil Davidson, English Teacher, International School of Phnom Penh, Yunnan



The Hutong’s customized program for our ASL Middle School students was nothing short of outstanding. It was everything an educator would want to see in an experiential language and culture program and more. Our leader set the tone from the moment he picked us up at the airport and it was wonderful to see how quickly he connected with our students and got them excited about being in China. It was clear that our leader was not only passionate about his work, but that he has a strong background in teaching. The activities he planned for our students were engaging, informative and fun. Students used their language skills in a variety of settings and enjoyed experiences that they never would have had as an average tourist. The Hutong put together a well-organized, personalized, authentic program for us and yet allowed for flexibility every day to suit the needs of our group. I hope that this is the start of a long and fruitful partnership between The Hutong and ASL and I would recommend The Hutong to any school looking to plan a program in China. Thank you again Jeffrey and all at The Hutong for a fabulous experience!”

– Nina DeSimone, Language Teacher, The American School in London



Three weeks after returning from The Hutong’s Inner Mongolia program for Grade 7 Students, I am still recounting the adventures, laughs, beautiful landscape, cultural activities, and great food with my students. The Hutong staff are a group of enthusiastic educators who tie each and every activity to an educational goal. Our kids really “got something” out of every aspect of the program. The Hutong’s experience, attention to detail, and superb programming allowed us to travel worry-free in this vast and remote region. Thank you to the wonderful team. We’ll see you next year!”

– Kristen Pearson, Humanities Teacher, Canadian School of Hong Kong