Creativity, Action, and Service:

In accordance with The Hutong’s Educational Mission, we aim to broaden students’ horizons by exposing them to unique experiences throughout China. The Hutong places particular emphasis on experiential learning, and works increasingly to give its students the opportunity to service the communities they visit. They leave the trip with a renewed sense of their strengths and abilities, as well as a more solid understanding of ethical tourism and global development.

Ancient vs. Modern History:

We will explore China’s illustrious history via interactive activities at The Museum of The Terracotta Warriors, Xian’s City Wall and The Big Wild Goose Pagoda. At Xian’s Terracotta Army, the students will complete a site scavenger hunt that takes them back in time. For the trip’s whole, we will complete a workbook designed to have the students dig deep into Xian’s history and travel through space and time.

Team Building:

Many activities naturally lend themselves to aiding the students to break down barriers, work as teams and utilize leadership qualities, but none more so biking along the ancient city wall and navigating a scavenger hunt through the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The activities will push physical, emotional and cultural boundaries necessitating the need for students to work together.

Xian-Local-ExpertsMeet our local partners:

Alex & Lily: Our Xi’an-based husband & wife team of Lily and Alex form a dynamic duo bringing the sights and smells of the city to life on all of our visits to Xi’an. Along with their adorable baby girl, our dream team knows the city like the back of their hand and can’t wait to meet the next group of students on their way to explore the ancient capital.