Ningxia Province, once a flourishing stronghold of the Xi Xia empire, was yet another area on the long list of conquests of the Great Genghis Khan. We will trace the route followed by the brutal warrior and his army: starting from Inner Mongolia, through the stunning Helan mountains and into Northern Ningxia. It is well documented the great leader died in the this area, yet his burial site remains a mystery to this day.


We will be traveling from the predominantly Buddhist area of Inner Mongolia across the provincial border to Ningxia where a large population of Hui Muslims reside. The differences in these ancient cultures and religions are significant and intriguing. Students will be exposed to the local peoples, their customs. their traditions, their sites of prayer, and their cuisines.

Physical Challenge:

Students will test their tenacity and move beyond their comfort zones, all in the spirit of a safe, controlled and mediated adventure. We will be cycling through inhospitable flat desert terrain and into the challenging mountain climbs of Helan Shan. We will be supported by a small bus that will carry our food, water, luggage, and equipment. The back up bus will sweep the route and pick up cyclists along the way if ever necessary.


Meet our local partner Kiki:

Born and bred in Yinchuan, Kiki recently returned home after years living and studying abroad. On adventures that took her from Italy and Israel to Mexico, Nicaragua and back home again, Kiki is passionate about introducing the vibrant culture and people of her hometown to visitors from all over. For the past two summers, she has run a summer camp bringing together local youths and friends from all over the world together in Yinchuan. Find out more information about Kiki’s projects here.