Examine the Revolutionary history of Mao Zedong, the origins of the Long March and the birth of modern day Chinese politics. Students will confront new interpretations of Chinese history by visiting the Jinggang Mountain Revolutionary Museum, a former residence of Mao Zedong, and the homes of those whose lives were affected by the Long March.


Students will learn about local Jiangxi customs, cuisine, and its booming ‘red tourism’ trade. Students will have the opportunity to interact with locals in and near Jinggang Mountain, the cradle of Red guerilla warfare. They will also see how the community has been changed by the development of the tourist industry as Chinese tour groups have flooded to the region to follow in the footsteps of Mao and his CCP brethren.

Cooperation and Strategy:

Students will be divided into two teams representing the CCP and KMT. They will have to work together on strategy to gain the upper-hand in a mock civil war experiment that uses geography, and historical knowledge along the route, channeling the spirit of the famous Long March that began only miles away.


Meet our local expert General Zou:


General Zou lives in Dajing Village, amongst the Jing Gang Mountains. He lives with his mother, wife, and son. Residing within meters of Chairman Mao’s former residence, General Zou has been hosting students in his village of Dajing for the past five years. He and his neighboring uncle work in the local environmental department of the Jing Gang government, ensuring that the surroundings remain clean and pristine.