Regional Culture:

Students will learn about local Mongolian customs, such as farming, cooking, music, and dancing, as well as visit local schools, with the essential question being: how does Inner Mongolia meet the needs of its people while preserving its culture and way of life for the future?

Sustainable Development:

This trip explores the concept of living responsibly with respect to the environment, local customs, and the world as a whole. We will focus on issues such as urbanization, renewable energy, rural to urban migration, the challenges of resource-limited areas and preserving local culture.

Environmental Studies:

Students will study issues of desertification, wildlife preservation, natural resources, and sustainable energy. By understanding the region’s abundance in certain natural resources and scarcity of others, students come to understand the delicate balancing act this creates for its residents, governing bodies and the land.


Meet our local expert Ma Lian:


Known by The Hutong as the queen of the desert, Ma Lian has been hosting students on Hutong programs for the past four years. She spends her time farming and running a small shop for the local Mongolian community. Her children have a currently left the nest and she has expanded her home to art students for off-site study programs.