China’s Recent Past: A Hacked History and Hot Toddy with Jeremiah Jenne

Five thousand years of history? One hundred years of humiliation? How to make sense of it all? Join local historian Jeremiah Jenne, author of the Chinese history blog Jottings from the Granite Studio and a frequent guest on the Sinica Podcast, for a unique ramble through China’s modern history. Jeremiah brings his own brand of irreverence and humor to important questions such as: How can Western pop culture help us to understand Chinese history? What is the connection between something that happened 150 years ago and foreigners not getting a cab in Beijing today? Why should the Manchus still matter to you?

Jeremiah’s Hacked History talk will include a welcome Hot Toddy Whiskey to warm you up, and to be enjoyed over the discussion.

  • Place: The Hutong
  • Date: Sunday, January 26th
  • Time: 3-5 pm

Cost: RMB 100 (50 RMB for members), includes a Hot Toddy, soft drink or local beer and snacks.

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Jeremiah Jenne is a Beijing-based historian and the director of the IES Abroad Beijing Center.  He is the writer of the blog Jottings from the Granite Studio and a contributor to numerous publications including The Economist and The Atlantic Monthly online.  He is currently finishing his PhD in Chinese History from the University of California, Davis.