Conservation & Preservation

Students will visit the Bifengxia Panda Reserve, the global center of giant panda research, rescue, and breeding. They will have the opportunity to learn more about the conservation work being done at the center and even get involved themselves volunteering for an afternoon with the pandas. The dense forest at Bifengxia provides the perfect habitat for the giant panda and we will take advantage of this to explore the breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful scenery that abounds.

Creativity, Action & Service

Creativity, Action, and ServiceIn accordance with The Hutong’s Educational Mission, we aim to broaden students’ horizons by exposing them to unique experiences throughout China. The Hutong places particular emphasis on experiential learning, and gives students the opportunity to service the communities they visit. Students attending this trip will engage with global issues by collaborating to plan and execute a community service with a community affected by the 2008 earthquake in Ya’an. They will leave the trip with a renewed sense of their strengths and abilities, as well as a more solid understanding of ethical tourism and global development.

Ancient vs. Modern History & Culture

We will explore China’s long and illustrious history in Chengdu, stretching back to the Three Kingdoms era. We will explore the origins of Chinese tea culture, Sichuan’s bountiful and fiery culinary culture, and spend time seeing how modernity has changed the traditional laid-back streets, parks and tea houses of Chengdu.

Luo Peng Local Expert

Meet our local partners:

A passionate Sichuan-er and native of Ya’an, Luo Peng comes from a biology and environmental science background with years of experience in a local environmental NGO. With her bubbly personality and an enthusiastic zeal for conservation and environmental education, she helps bring the magic of Sichuan alive for students on Hutong programs. She also recently started her own company, EcoAction Now, which works to promote conservation and community development through eco-tourism.