Operating from within our traditional hutong courtyard nestled in the historical center of China’s capital, our activities are designed to dig deeper and bring the hidden treasures of old Beijing to life for students of all ages.

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

Nowhere does Beijing’s past and present exist so prominently side by side. More than just another iconic site, The Temple of Heaven is a treasure trove for people watching. We love starting our mornings by joining Beijing’s elderly residents as they perform their morning rituals: from martial arts to ballroom dancing to singing and more!


Old Beijing Hutongs

The narrow, winding hutongs of old Beijing are our stomping grounds and are central to making the northern capital so unique. From scavenger hunts designed to take students on an interactive adventure through the arteries of the ancient city, to water calligraphy challenges at local temples, you never know what is going to lie around the next turn!


Tiananmen Trifecta

From the Urban Planning Museum – where we’ll get a sense of the scope and layout of the capital – to Tiananmen Square: the heart of the Chinese state. We’ll continue up the central axis into the Forbidden City, where we’ll peel back the mystique of the ancient imperial palace, and finish atop Jingshan Park for views of the entire city.


Caochangdi and 798 Art Districts

Presenting a unique social juxtaposition with modern art installations and galleries alongside modest migrant worker dwellings, these art districts are at the vanguard of Beijing’s creative arts scene. We work with local galleries to provide students with hands-on art activities that get them up close and interacting with the community.


Great Wall of China

Like the Mongolian armies of centuries past, arduous journeys were made before attacks could be commenced against the Han forces guarding the Great Wall. The Hutong Education facilitators will take students on a journey through the most turbulent eras of the Great Wall of China, with stunning vistas to boot!


Migrant School Exchange

Migrant Worker communities are an essential part of the social fabric of Beijing. The Hutong works with several migrant schools in the area, and provides visiting student groups with a unique opportunity to provide for the less fortunate and relate to their Chinese peers through service projects based on the school’s needs.


Yoga, Qi Gong & Tai Qi

Our Hutong team is passionate about the benefits of these traditional exercises. One look at any Chinese park in the mornings will show that the locals agree! On programs, we look to not only teach students Chinese health routines, but also their benefits, and their underlying principles and philosophy.


Interactive Cooking Classes

From our cooking school located in the heart of Beijing’s hutongs, our chefs relish the opportunity to pass on the secrets behind wrapping Beijing’s famous dumplings and stir frying some of China’s most famed dishes, as well as turn up the heat by hosting our famous Hook ‘n’ Cook cooking competitions!


Chinese Martial Arts

Working closely with our partner Master Xie of XMA Martial Arts, we can organize kung fu exhibitions and workshops here in Beijing, as well as outbound programs to the home of Chinese Kung Fu at the famous Shaolin Temple in Henan Province. XMA’s wide range of self-defense styles creates a well-rounded, disciplined martial art.


Academic Discussions

Wrap up the afternoon or evening in our seminar room with an informal discussion led by one of the Hutong partners. We reach into our vast Beijing network to find an outside speaker to cater to your group’s interests – be he or she an expert in Chinese traditional medicine, a local Chinese entrepreneur or an expat businessperson.


Bike Riding in Beijing

The best way to experience any city for the first time is on two wheels! Take a spin on every Hutongers favorite mode of transportation along the tree-lined boulevards of the old city and around the lakes of central Beijing as daily life whizzes by all around us. We handpick scenic routes with just a little bit of traffic and a whole lot of character!


Tea Workshop & Tea Art

Combining the creativity of an art class with the rich culture of Chinese Tea. Our Tea Masters will introduce the students to the various ingredients: teas, flowers, special sugars, dried fruits and berries. They will get to sample several combinations before creating their own infusion and then get to design a label to match their tea and put on the pack to take home.

Organic Farm Visit

Come face to face with a modern Chinese organic farm that while just 90 minutes outside bustling Beijing, feel like they are a world away. Get your hands dirty with our Organic Farm tour, learn about the challenges of growing good food in China and learn more about life in rural China.

Chinese Medicine

Our health programs are designed to allow young people to immerse themselves in a new perspective of health and learning. With our resident TCM Practitioner Alex Tan, we seek to empower kids through the relationship between their environment, lifestyle and health.

Chinese Language

Students can have a language component built into their activities – regardless of their language level – setting clear learning objectives and encouraging students to improve their Chinese proficiency by taking their skills beyond the classroom and into the community. 

Creative Arts

We develop programs which give students a unique opportunity to explore the nation’s capital as well as its contemporary art scene: from visiting the studios of artists-in-residence in Beijing’s arts districts to meeting the movers and shakers in the city’s art, fashion, design and performing arts industries.

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We’re a dedicated team, passionate about Chinese culture and sharing it with others. Our team has a depth of capability and insight gained through years of travel and education experience. Our underlying passion for great work and genuine thirst for adventure sets us apart.

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The Hebei trip was fabulous! Hebeiwood was a great location and allowed the students to really engage with the story of Jing Ke and the first Emperor! Jeffrey and Kristen were also amazing.

Robyn Turner
Beijing City International School 

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