As a growing company with a team of thirty full-time employees and a wide network of freelancers and collaborators, our organization is built on a wonderful community of creative individuals who are passionate about their work.

If you believe that your job is way more than a paycheck and a time stub, and would like the opportunity to grow along with us, please fill in the brief form below to let us know more about yourself. If you are interested in an internship opportunity, click here. As a next step, we will get in touch with you regarding potential work opportunities.

We would like to note that one of our company’s Core Values is Embrace Diversity, and we work hard to maintain a welcoming, non-discriminatory company culture. We welcome qualified applicants of all backgrounds to apply to our openings.

We would also like to note that our company is committed to creating a positive workplace, and are happy to share that TINYpulse, an employee engagement platform that The Hutong employs, has awarded us the “Happiest Company Award” based on our internal feedback scores submitted over 2017. Here’s to smiling more in 2018 and beyond!



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